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Ways to use your Pendant

MEDITATION: Using your stone pendant during meditation increases its vibrational and energetic potential exponentially.

MASSAGE CRYSTAL HEALING: When warmed or soaked in water and placed along the spine upon certain chakras, healing vibrational stones can enliven energy and harmonize auric energies.

MANIFESTATION: Using quantum stone technology brings harmonic balance and increased vibrations within one’s energetic fields that extend into the greater unseen fields, allowing for healing, communication, and manifestation.

DIY Loose gem beads

An interesting thing to consider when choosing gemstones, is the different powers and properties each stone represents. Gemstones are often used in alternative medicine for their healing powers and their spiritual meaning. They are said to cure ailments and attract positive energy. Whether you believe in this or not, customizing your jewellery in relation to a stones properties, gives each piece of jewellery a unique selling point.

Kid DIY Beads and Accessories

Crafting ideas for kid. DIY Children's Intelligence Craft Bead - This craft beads for kids help children improve hand eye coordination, improve the practical ability, better play to the child's imagination, training children's creativity and logical thinking.

Hexagon Healing point pendants

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